FL Studio Lessons

I offer 1 on 1 FL Studio lessons - good for anyone from beginners to advanced users. 


1 Hour Lesson - $20

This is the temporary price while I improve my teaching skills - the price will raise as I gain experience. 

  • You must have FL Studio installed (the demo version will work if you don't have the full version).
  • We'll be using Zoom, which is screen sharing software that allows me to hear your audio and draw on your screen (to show you buttons and controls). I'll help you set it up when we start.
  • Payments will be taken through Paypal before each lesson.
  • If you are under 18, then I'll need to communicate with your parents before starting lessons. Please have them email me beforehand.


If interested, please message me on Discord @Boom Kitty#1077 (if you don't have Discord then you can email me at boomkittymusic@gmail.com) - Please include the following info in your initial message:

  • Your age. If you are under 18 then have a parent contact me beforehand. 
  • A streaming link to the best project you've made. Can be a short song or something shorter. If you are a brand new beginner then skip this step.
  • Some info on what you'd like to learn. What is your goal with music, and what would you like to learn when working with me?